Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Great Northern War Project - Batch #1

Recently I've been assembling a 28mm Great Northern War army of Swedes to do battle with fellow gamer Will's splendid Russians, using The Pikeman's Lament set of rules (Osprey).

It's been a long slog, but here's the first batch, featuring Foot and Guns.

Fribytare-Regemente Wallander (Wallander's Regiment of Freebooters)

Three command stands combined to form a unit of Pikes.

Wallander's Regiment currently consists of three 12-fig. companies. I've based these so that they can be deployed in three different ways:

1. Pike & Shot

As seen below, this consists of two units of Shot and one of Pike, with the Pikes at the rear.

I wanted to avoid them looking like employees at a well-know big box store, and so I gave them a 'ragged rebel' appearance. By mid-war the stocks of material and dye in Sweden were getting pretty low. Many uniforms were made of homespun wool.

2. Three Blended Units

This would consist of each of the three companies having one of the command stands shown above, plus musket-armed figures. The units would perhaps shoot with a penalty, but would "Attack' (melee) with a bonus. This is to reflect the Swedes 'Ga Pa!' view on life.

3. Super-sized Units

This is stretching the rules a bit, but is my preferred option, as it really reflects the Swedish approach. Instead of three units, I field two, but each has 16 figures. The units fire normally with 12D6 (6D6 at half-strength), but melee with 16D6 (8D6 at half-strength). They cost more, of course, but no need for modifications. What I would like to avoid is the battles degenerating into War of the Spanish Succession firefights -- and something  has to explain the Swedes' well-nigh unstoppable cold-steal tactics!

(For a description of how the War of the Spanish Succession  plays with The Pikeman's Lament, checkout an earlier posting in this blog.)

Super-size me!

"Ga Pa!"

Special Characters

To add some spice, I've included some special characters, as per the rules:

The Reverend Ilaff Christmannbogga

Blue Sonja: Daughter of the Regiment

Schmenge, the Swedish Dudelsackpfeiffer

Gunnar Olufsen's Company of Gunnes (know locally as "Gunnar's Gunners")

(Better yet, how about "Bang! and Olufsen"? :-))

Gunnar's unit(s) comes in two different configurations: two units of 12-pounders, or supporting units(s) of 3-pounder battalion guns.

Above are two units of 12-pounders, deployed for siege work. The gunners are in homespun cloth and floppy hats (not unusual for the Swedes until late in the war), plus infantry as helpers. Gunnar himself, shown at right, of course appears in his finery!

A single unit of battalion guns (six gunner).

Next time, Batch #2, featuring Horse and Dragoons (including "Sedin's 'Goons").


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