Monday, 15 January 2018

Russian Civil War

A couple of months ago fellow-gamer Denis C. brought in his 25mm RCW collection to a Trumpeter Society game night, and since I had never gamed this period before, I took part.

It got me thinking that it wouldn't be too much trouble to augment my existing 6mm First World War collection for use with the RCW. So I painted up some necessary command stands, and what you see below is the result.


Red and White RCW Command Stands

The focus of my WWI collection is 1914-15, so my Mark V & FT17 tanks, armoured cars, etc., don't get much game time. But with RCW, it's everything goes, all the time!

Rules? I'm starting out with an old fast-play set by Andy Callan (of 'Loose Files & American Scramble' AWI fame). He describes the RCW as the ACW with WWI weapons and medieval command and control. What could go wrong?

A Red battalion steps forth. Could it be the 'Women of Death?' You mean you can't tell the difference? 😊
Kolchak's Whites on the move.
What with foot, horse, guns, tanks, armoured cars, aircraft, armoured trains, etc., etc., it's pretty much every gamer's dream all wrapped up in one package -- and you don't even need to go to some fantasy alternative universe to get there!
I usually dread the prospect of getting into a new period, but this was a piece of cake. Thanks Dennis!


  1. RCW is nothing without armoured trains! :)

  2. Nice collection. I do remember reading those rules and they should work out quite well for your 6mm. Lots of scenario inspiration.

  3. And the last Khan of Mongolia, who was actually a bloody and paranoid Russian aristocrat.