Thursday, 23 March 2017

Trumpeter Salute Game (Friday) - Dollard's Last Stand: The Battle of Long Sault, 1660

Below are some teaser shots of the game that I'm runner at Trumpeter's Salute convention Friday night: the last stand of Dollard des Ormeaux -- taken from a famous incident in the New France v. Iroqouis Wars. (All figures are Warlord.)

Here's the entry in the progamme notes:

Dollard des Ormeaux defends the gates of Fort Descheneaux.
A band of Wild and Savage Iroqouis spring from the nearby woods.
 "It's party time!" Iroqouis victory conditions will be based in part on incidents such as this.
To make this a fair fight, I'm including a company of the Carignan-Salieres regiment, marching to Dollard's relief. Here they are, on parade.
In this romanticized 19th century print, Dollard defends his Lady from 'a fate worse than death' (note the dying hand clutching at her skirts).

Have a good convention, whatever you play!

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