Monday, 30 January 2017

Waterloo Campaign in 2mm 'Nano-scale'

Below are some photos of a Waterloo campaign game that I've been working on.  Done in 2mm, the concept is to re-fight the entire Waterloo campaign on a 9x6 foot table, where one inch equals 300 yards and one turn is one or two hours. A single stand is a brigade of foot/horse, a battalion of guns, or a leader.

The shots you see are from two sources: a play test featuring the joint battle(s) of Ligny/Quatre Bras, and the game as run at the Trumpeter's Gaming Society Salute 2015 convention.

In the game run at Salute Wellington refused to fight at Quatre Bras and made a stand at Genappe instead. Blucher didn't fight at Ligny, either. He tried to join up with Wellington, but fell back after his III Corps took a thrashing north-west of Quatre Bras.

With Napoleon still concentrating, Ney's wing tried a flanking move through Nivelle. So ended June 16th, after a lot of foot-sore marching.

Click on photos to enlarge them.

The battle of Ligny as seen from the south-east. Ligny (burning) is under assault. Quatre Bras can just be seen in the top-left of the picture. 
Same action as viewed from the west. Quatre Bras under attack in the foreground with the battle at Ligny at the top of the picture. Note the famous windmill at Ligny at the centre of the action, and d'Erlon's Corps marching uselessly between the two fights.
The entire theatre of battle as seen from the north-west.  White lines are map boundaries.  
Same shot with key locations named.  

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